About Kazoo

Who We Are

Based in Washington, D.C., Kazoo’s revolutionary technology platform is several years in the making. 

Our entrepreneurial leadership team has brought over a dozen mobile and SaaS-based products and companies to the vanguard of innovation in their respective industries.

Kazoo’s development is powered by an award-winning team of designers and engineers who have led projects for global companies like Apple, Twitter and Microsoft.

This conglomerate of brilliant minds has been brought together by a common purpose: To solve problems and improve the lives of people in a true and tangible way.

The Mission

Many see technology as a disconnecting force. Kazoo challenges that stereotype.

Through a fun and sophisticated yet intuitive and accessible approach, our platform offers everyone an extra layer of true connectivity—and safety.

Our passion for innovation fuels our creativity. Rather than simply following the crowd, we’re creating new and unique solutions that just work better.

In any endeavor, Kazoo aims to take on the role of leader, and become the clear answer for building bridges between people worldwide.

Our Vision

A rapidly-changing global landscape demands ingenuity, especially in the realm of technology. Kazoo meets those demands, and then some, with proactive ambition and a hint of competitive moxie.

Limitations don’t sit well with us. Our scalable mobile solutions can be used by all, from small families, to large companies, and everyone in between.

Ultimately, Kazoo will lead to a better world: A world where everyone has the tools they need to stay safe, protected, private and connected.

Because the truth is, when people come together, there’s no telling what we might accomplish.


Peter J. Goodman


Scott Woldin

Head of Marketing

Laurie Johnston

Head of Finance

Our Team

Kazoo is made by the people, for the people. Our diverse, dedicated, and highly-experienced team of talent allows us to go where others never have—and leave no stone unturned.

Peter J. Goodman


Scott Woldin

Head of Marketing

Kimberly Clapp

Brand Ambassador & Media

Jared Wax

Messaging & Digital Content

Brian Hartline

Brand Ambassador

Laurie Johnston


Brian Bollman

Web Development

Michelle Aslanian

Senior Technical Writer