Equity Crowdfunding 101 – Invest in Kazoo on Netcapital!

Kazoo is a personal safety solution that enables individuals to identify and reach out for help when in an emergency situation, and we’re giving you the chance to hold stake in our company! We are currently fundraising via a Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) offering on Netcapital to further develop our platform and add value for […]

Kazoo’s Future + NEW Equity Round

Kazoo has grown well beyond our initial launch! Since we started in April 2019… 1) We completed an early beta version of Kazoo. 2) We’ve raised over $610,000 from the founders and 398 Reg CF investors. 3) We’ve partnered with RapidSOS, the #1 public safety technology company, to connect directly into 4,800 emergency call centers […]

The USA’s 911 infrastructure is broken. Kazoo is fixing it.

(This is a true story) Imagine you’re Pam Gordimer. It’s a lovely Sunday morning. You take your easel to Roosevelt Island and begin painting the beautiful scenery you see in front of you. The air is crisp and fresh. You inhale deeply and allow yourself to relax. Suddenly, you hear a twig snap. You turn to […]