Investor Q&A Webinar

Hello everyone, I’m Peter J. Goodman, CEO of Kazoo.

I recently had the opportunity to hold an exclusive investor Q&A webinar. This gave me a chance to address some of the important topics that aren’t on our Netcapital page, as well as allow our investors to ask some of their burning questions live.

If you missed last week’s webinar, there’s a recording of our recap that you can watch at your earliest convenience. I will also be highlighting some of the important questions that were discussed in this investor article!

Also, don’t forget to download our free webinar deck from this event so you can reference it later!

Is the Livestream Recorded for Further Use?

One of the things that’s great about Kazoo is that after a livestream has ended, even it gets cut short because a phone falls out of the person’s hand or they’re having some sort of conflict with a guy who’s assaulting someone, it’s automatically saved to the emergency contact’s phone and also the victim’s phone so they have a record. 

Then, that information or that footage can be shared with law enforcement, police, etc., at a later date.” 

Can you Turn your Location Off?

Privacy and security are extremely important in our app, so you can go dark universally. 

Let’s say you’re a member of five different circles, you can go and turn off your location app-wide, so no one sees you, or you can go in and turn off your location or hide your location within certain circles. 

If you only want one circle to see you, you can go in and turn it off within the other four circles.

What Markets are Kazoo Tapping Into?

Right now we’re focused on the large U.S. market, where we really want to penetrate. We’ve also already had discussions with a number of other companies. 

We’ve been focused on telcos. For instance, in the Middle East, we’ve spoken with Vodafone out of India. We’ve spoken to one of the leading telcos throughout the entire Middle East, and the response was very positive.” 

What Other Strategies are you Implementing to Raise Capital?

We’ve had a mix of medium-range angel investors, smaller angels, and also about 460 Reg CF private investors. We also have the ability to hopefully have a good raise on Netcapital. 

Simultaneously, we’re also targeting large angel investors.  We feel like we’re too early for venture capital funding because what we want to do is to get the product out. 

The most important thing is we have the funding to complete the product and launch it.” 

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We hope that after watching our webinar recap, you will consider choosing us as your next investment opportunity!

Help us revolutionize the future of personal safety for you and your loved ones, and invest in Kazoo’s life-saving SOS technology platform on Netcapital today.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team via email or the discussion section of our raise page. We will be happy to assist you, and look forward to you joining our community of early investors!

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Laurie Johnston

Head of Finance

As Head of Finance for Kazoo, Laurie is an experienced financial executive with a focus on and expertise in fast-growth tech companies. She has helped secure millions in venture capital and private equity funding while also being a member of multiple management teams over her career. While working as VP of Finance at SOALogix, Laurie worked with the president to secure over $10M in equity financing and private investors, as well as leading the effort with senior management in the development and preparation of 12 to 60-month budgets and financial projections. Laurie has also developed sophisticated financial modeling and cash flow forecasting, including accrual-based financial projections for profit and loss, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Scott Woldin

Head of Marketing

Scott is responsible for all branding and design for both corporate and consumer marketing. Scott is highly trained and experienced in developing corporate identities and multi-layered advertising campaigns. He has led the creative efforts of agencies in large markets such as Chicago, Charlotte, Louisville, and Washington, D.C., with a client roster including Sprint PCS, Motorola, YUM! Brands, and the NFL Players Club, to name a few. Formerly serving as the Art Director of One Alliance Communications, an independent creative agency, Scott led the concept development and layout team in all areas of print, outdoor, broadcast, and interactive advertising and design, taking each project from initial meeting to end product.

Peter J. Goodman


Peter brings the Kazoo vision to life. A lifelong entrepreneur with a strong track record of building and launching rapid-growth SaaS companies in the healthcare, technology, and mobile app sectors, Peter oversees all of Kazoo’s day-to-day operations, including UI/UX design, product engineering and development, release schedules, product roadmaps, channel partnerships, and corporate messaging. Prior in his career, as founder and CEO of an international software development company, he turned a simple desktop application into an algorithmic and scalable enterprise staff scheduling technology platform; this platform is now used by more than 1,200 medical institutions worldwide, including Harvard University Health Services, The Johns Hopkins Health System, and Stanford Medical Center. Another success in Peter’s portfolio of entrepreneurial accomplishments is building an award-winning creative services and web and application development firm, which served both large corporations and nonprofit organizations across the technology, financial, legal and education sectors. His vast experience with website development, application development, advertising, branding, messaging, digital marketing, interfacing with clients, overseeing project management, and architecting and designing custom web-based applications fuels his drive for Kazoo to reach mass adoption on a global scale.