Kimberly Clapp Explains The Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Kazoo

Kazoo Community,

Kazoo Brand Ambassador and 5-time Emmy Award winning Consumer Investigative Reporter, Kimberly Clapp, recently gave a compelling testimony about her ten reasons for needing the Kazoo app downloaded on her phone, and why you should invest in us!

With life being full of unpredictable events, she understands that our life-saving app is helping families stay connected and provides peace of mind in a time where we need it most.

She is a mother to five children. One daughter is about to graduate college, one is getting her drivers license, and the other three partake in outdoor activities that some might consider, well, on the risky side!

Her husband is as young as her children at heart, and her parents are aging seniors who are currently navigating retirement.

With life constantly moving fast, it’s hard to ensure the safety of your family as you get wrapped up in the day-to-day challenges thrown at you.

This is where Kazoo comes in.

With one screen, one click, and one second, our platform is reinventing personal safety. We are the world’s first SOS app to:

  • Alert your emergency contacts in a time of need
  • Relay your exact pinpoint location
  • Livestream videos of the incident
  • Provide enhanced 911 connectivity, fixing the U.S. broken infrastructure


Our emergency response mobile platform transforms your smartphone into a personal safety lifeline. We’ve created a one-stop shop for life saving connectivity you can trust.

9-1-1 can’t always find you, but Kazoo can.

Kimberly has ten compelling reasons to invest, and we believe you do too. For more information, we encourage you to watch the full testimonial video!

To help us make an impact, head over to our Netcapital raise page and join our community of early investors before this opportunity is gone!

Thank you in advance for your support in our vision.

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Laurie Johnston

Head of Finance

As Head of Finance for Kazoo, Laurie is an experienced financial executive with a focus on and expertise in fast-growth tech companies. She has helped secure millions in venture capital and private equity funding while also being a member of multiple management teams over her career. While working as VP of Finance at SOALogix, Laurie worked with the president to secure over $10M in equity financing and private investors, as well as leading the effort with senior management in the development and preparation of 12 to 60-month budgets and financial projections. Laurie has also developed sophisticated financial modeling and cash flow forecasting, including accrual-based financial projections for profit and loss, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Scott Woldin

Head of Marketing

Scott is responsible for all branding and design for both corporate and consumer marketing. Scott is highly trained and experienced in developing corporate identities and multi-layered advertising campaigns. He has led the creative efforts of agencies in large markets such as Chicago, Charlotte, Louisville, and Washington, D.C., with a client roster including Sprint PCS, Motorola, YUM! Brands, and the NFL Players Club, to name a few. Formerly serving as the Art Director of One Alliance Communications, an independent creative agency, Scott led the concept development and layout team in all areas of print, outdoor, broadcast, and interactive advertising and design, taking each project from initial meeting to end product.

Peter J. Goodman


Peter brings the Kazoo vision to life. A lifelong entrepreneur with a strong track record of building and launching rapid-growth SaaS companies in the healthcare, technology, and mobile app sectors, Peter oversees all of Kazoo’s day-to-day operations, including UI/UX design, product engineering and development, release schedules, product roadmaps, channel partnerships, and corporate messaging. Prior in his career, as founder and CEO of an international software development company, he turned a simple desktop application into an algorithmic and scalable enterprise staff scheduling technology platform; this platform is now used by more than 1,200 medical institutions worldwide, including Harvard University Health Services, The Johns Hopkins Health System, and Stanford Medical Center. Another success in Peter’s portfolio of entrepreneurial accomplishments is building an award-winning creative services and web and application development firm, which served both large corporations and nonprofit organizations across the technology, financial, legal and education sectors. His vast experience with website development, application development, advertising, branding, messaging, digital marketing, interfacing with clients, overseeing project management, and architecting and designing custom web-based applications fuels his drive for Kazoo to reach mass adoption on a global scale.